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Gibbous Outfitters

Reinforced Rail Mounts For AMP Helmet Mounts

Reinforced Rail Mounts For AMP Helmet Mounts

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The Gibbous Outfitters Reinforced Rail Mounts For AMP Helmet Mounts address one of the most common failure points on the OPS-CORE AMP Helmet rail mount kit. Our Reinforced Rail mounts use threaded steel inserts to far more robust mounting solution than the plastic rail mounts that come with the AMP Helmet mounts. Our rail mounts are available for both Team Wendy rails and OPS-CORE rails. These rail mounts are not endorsed by Gentex and their use may void the warranty on your AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit.

OPS-CORE Reinforced Rail Mounts WILL NOT fit Galvion Caiman helmets as the rails have slightly different dimentions. 


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