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Gibbous Outfitters

MP5K Wide Handguard

MP5K Wide Handguard

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Due to the lack of finger stop, this product is only recommended for MP5K style firearms that have a three-lug style barrel that extends past the front sight post. This product is not intended for barrels that are flush with the front sight post. Use of this handguard on a flush-barreled firearm may result in serious injury. 

The Gibbous Outfitters MP5K Wide Handguard brings the aesthetics of the classic MP5 wide handguard to your MP5K. The extended rear section of the handguard protects the user's hand from the heat radiated by the barrel trunion which is left uncovered by most handguards. This is a great solution for both pistol and SBR versions of the MP5K.

Due to the handguard extending over the barrel trunion, tools may be required to spread the front section of the handguard for removal. We recommend using plastic butter knives or credit cards to avoid marring the surface of the handguard or the firearm.


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