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Gibbous Outfitters

FSM5 (Front Sight Mount, MP5)

FSM5 (Front Sight Mount, MP5)

The Gibbous Outfitters FSM5 mounts a pressure switch and/or weapon light directly to the front sight of an MP5. Utilizing a titanium insert, the FSM5 provides mounting solutions without the need for railed handguards. This allows the user to choose their preferred handguard. 

Three models of the FSM5 are available. The FSM5 without pressure switch can be mounted to either the full size MP5 or MP5K. The FSM5 with pressure switch is available in versions for either the MP5 or MP5K.

In addition to the FSM5, we offer the FSM5 Light Delete Kit and the FSM PRO Adapter Kit. The Light Delete Kit is for users who want a pressure switch, but are mounting their weapon light elsewhere. The FSM PRO Adapter Kit allows for the mounting of Surefire PRO weapon lights. 

For users who prefer not to use a top mounted pressure switch, we offer a full line of handguards with integrated pressure switch mounts here.

The FSM5 is designed for use with Modlight 18650 or 18350 weapon light bodies, Surefire ST07 pressure switches, and Surefire UE tailcaps. 
The FSM5 will not fit legacy Surefire scout lights and will need the PRO addon to fit Surefire PRO lights.

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